The PRS Education Foundation was started by Dr. M. Ray Painter to help Train Residents Medical Coding and Billing so that They are Prepared for Employment or Private Practice
Dr. Ray Painter’s Vision:

“It has always been my goal to help my fellow Urologists understand this complicated system. That is why I started Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS).  I have been teaching coding, billing and reimbursement for 30 years. 

Over the years, I realized that without coding, billing, documentation and contracting basics training that residents were not prepared for a major part of what is expected as they become practicing urologists. 

Therefore, I started the PRS Education Foundation with the Coding and Documentation for Urology Residents Digital Course as the foundation’s first project.

I want to share with you, what I have learned, and help guide you as you start practicing.

Thanks for joining and trusting me to be your guide!

Ray Painter, M.D.

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