UROLOGY Coding Course
for Urology RESIDENTS


FREE to All Urology Residents

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Learn How to:

  • Master the E&M 2021 rule changes for urology
  • Find all the answers from one trusted source
  • Avoid common urology coding and billing mistakes and submit clean claims
  • Complete documentation during the encounter (no home work!)
  • Do your job as a member of the team
  • Enjoy your practice,  have peace of mind, and above all enjoy a happy life...


I’m Dr. Ray Painter and I am President of PRS, Inc. I am a Urologist and expert urology coder and have helped hundreds of urologists master coding. 


So what is the secret to mastering coding?


The secret is knowing what you need to know and learning it. This sounds obvious but it's true.

Now, you are probably saying to yourself...
     "I can learn on my own".
Well, the tricky thing is that most urologists don't know what to learn nor will they take the time to learn!
⇒ You're busy and don’t have time to hunt and peck all over the internet for this information

 You want to be sure that the steps you're taking will produce the greatest results possible

 You want to learn from someone who has been there done that, gotten results, and can help you achieve the same

⇒ The internet is totally overwhelming and full of contradictory information

The Urology Coding Digital Course provides a step-by-step roadmap that creates remarkable results for urologists, urology coders/billers, and administrators.
So I’ve developed this course to help you master coding so you can maximize income and save time.

We have spent 30 years developing, testing, and improving this system!

We have identified what works and what doesn't and created a course to ensure that you are able to master coding.
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Course Outline

Module #1: Introduction
Module #2: Physician's Role
Module #3: Modifiers Concept
Module #4: Global Procedures Modifiers
Module #5: E&M Global Modifiers
Module #6: Bundling Modifiers
Module #7: Other Surgical Modifiers
Module #8: Surgery Coding
Module #9: E&M 2021
Module #10: E&M - Facility
Module #11: ICD-10
Module #12: Lab / Pathology / Radiology
Module #13: How You Are Paid / RVUs

Each Module Includes the following:

  • Synopsis Videos: Short videos that overview of the major concepts of the topic

  • Detailed Videos: Longer videos taking a deep dive into the topic

  • Assessment: A short self-test to verify that you understand the key concepts of the topic

Other Features

• Printed E&M 2021 Pocket Card and Wall Chart Quick Reference Set
• Access to the instructor to get all your questions answered
• Choose from 30 Day Challenge Format or Structured Learning
• Network with others taking the course like you

Dr. Ray Painter’s Vision:

“It has always been my goal to help my fellow Urologists understand this complicated system. That is why I started Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS).  I have been teaching coding, billing and reimbursement for 30 years. 

Over the years, I realized that without coding, billing, documentation and contracting basics training that residents were not prepared for a major part of what is expected as they become practicing urologists. 

Therefore, I started the PRS Education Foundation with the Coding and Documentation for Urology Residents Digital Course as the foundation’s first project.

I want to share with you, what I have learned, and help guide you as you start practicing.

Thanks for joining and trusting me to be your guide!

Ray Painter, M.D.

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